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We are EXCITED about the 2019 Vacation Bible School and Teen Blast!  The theme this year – “WAGONS HO”.  This will be so much fun for the kids and will provide an opportunity for them to learn God’s Ten Commandments and what they are good for.  This WESTERN THEME provides a lot of fun with Skits, Games, Prizes, Learning opportunities.

Your children and teens would greatly benefit by attending these events! 

We make it our mission to help the kids HAVE FUN while learning!  

  • The songs are lively, and teach the message of our theme as well.
  • The Bible Memory time is made fun by means of MEMORY GAMES.  Every child is helped to be able to memorize the verse of the day.
  • BIBLE TIME in the VBS is taught by Pastor Kaighen who is very good with children.
  • Pastor will use object lessons & puppets while teaching clear Bible stories that proclaim the truth of Jesus and His Word.
  • TEEN BLAST in the evenings provides energetic competition in outdoor games
  • TEEN BLAST indoor competition continues with involved singing!
  • TEEN BLAST PREACHING will be done by a young, vibrant, energetic preacher who has a great heart for God’s Word and for young people.

VBS is scheduled for 9:00 am – Noon

Monday – Thursday, August 5 – 8, 2019

  • Children, ages 5-12, sign in at the registration tables each morning and then
  • Line up to be ready for Marching In
  • Opening assembly includes:
    • Pledges
    • Skit
    • Fun Songs
    • Penny Offering Contest
    • Recognizing of Visitors
  • BIBLE TIME with Pastor
  • Bible Memory Time in separate classes with great teachers!
  • Outdoor Carnival Games
    • Big Inflatable Slide
    • Obstacle Course Competition
    • Coloring Page Competition
    • Lots of fun games
    • Candy Jar Guessing
    • Candy Shop
    • Toy Shop
    • Extra Bonus Verse Memory Place
    • Fun Songs
    • Another Skit!
    • Recognition of WINNERS of the competitions
    • Announcements
    • More fun songs!

The children are given many opportunities to EARN TICKETS that serve as “money” in the Candy Shop, Toy Shop, and Carnival Games.  PLEASE provide a bag of some kind for your child to keep their “tickets” and Bible in during the VBS.  

The different ways to EARN TICKETS are as follows:

  • Attendance
  • Bring a Bible (preferably, not the family keepsake… in case it would be misplaced)
  • Bring a visiting friend (this is worth even more!)
  • Quote the Bible Verse of the day
  • Quote more Bible Verses that are provided on paper as Bonus Verses (These are also worth even more!)

We will have prizes on PARENT NIGHT, Thursday, August 8, 7:00 – 9:00 pm for those who earned the most points in their individual classrooms.  We will also have reward certificates for:

  • Children with PERFECT ATTENDANCE
  • Children who MEMORIZE ALL THE DAILY VERSES in class

For certain, every child is a WINNER if they attend this VBS!  They will have been blessed to hide God’s Word in their heart!

Teen Blast is scheduled for 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Monday – Wednesday, AUGUST 5 – 7, 2019

The Teen Blast is for teens, ages 12 – 18, and is designed to provide a wholesome, fun time for them to be together for some good, clean fun while being challenged by the Word of God through preaching and Scripture Memory.

The teens will be in two teams.  Each team will earn points while being involved in the:

  • Outdoor game competition between the 2 teams
  • Indoor game competition
  • Memorizing & Quoting Scriptures
  • Singing with enthusiasm
  • Bringing friends, as visitors!

Each evening will be finalized with some FUN FOOD …. such as:  Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, and more!

If your teen needs a ride in order to attend this event,

PLEASE CALL:  816-380-2850 and leave a message.

Someone will get back to you asap.