Grace Baptist Church of Harrisonville, MO is an

Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist church.

We are celebrating 40 YEARS of SERVICE this year, 2023!  

Some of our distinctions are:king james version bible

  • We are unapologetically loyal to the Scriptures as found in the King James Bible.

  • We only use the King James Version Bible in all our teaching and preaching.

  • We are passionate about reaching the lost and supporting missionaries who are also fervent about reaching the lost.

  • In our church services, we sing from the hymnal and enjoy many old and new songs, but we refrain from rock music and contemporary worship styles.

HymnalTo see more about OUR PASTOR or OUR CHURCH & DOCTRINE, just click on this link or see the drop-down menu.

 Our church body is a FAMILY who is friendly and will make you feel at home.  

         We WELCOME YOU to come visit us soon!  

                  We are just common folk who have found a Wonderful Saviour

                                                                                                                        and want to share Him with everyone!